Chrysler Restorers Club of Australia, SA Inc
2009 and prior Videos

You can play CRCASA videos in the window below or click on the link underneath it to view the videos at the CRCASA Youtube Channel.
Click on the big arrows on the left and right hand edges to step through the videos; or
Click on the little rectangular button to the right of the triangular play button at the bottom left corner, to get a pop up list of videos.
The videos are encoded in multiple resolutions; 360p, 480p, 720p (HD) and (from 2010) 1080p. You can select the resolution from a button in the bottom row.
360p and 480p can be viewed in the window below - which is sized for 480p; 360p will be stretched.
If you select 720p or 1080p you should also select the "full screen" button (4 arrows) to get a larger viewing size.
If the video stutters it may be that your internet download speed is less than the video data rate - press pause and wait for the
pink download bar to progress (say) half way across before pressing play again. Or it may be that HD video is too demanding for older computers.

Or click on this link to view the videos on the CRCASA YouTube Channel.

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